Saeco Royal Professional Espresso Machine

Saeco Royal Professional is one of the best coffee machines made by Saeco. It has all the features that quality coffee machines have today. And still, it’s very simple to operate. Very intuitive, and even an absolute newbie with coffee machines can make their desired drink with no confusion.

It has a very useful display, which makes it even easier to do anything you want. You can select your drink with the intuitive dial control, and the machine will do everything else for you. It will grind the exact quantity of beans and use a dozen atmospheres of pressure so you can brew your drink to the required strength. The machine can also prepare steam for your milk and froth it. So be ready for awesome cappuccinos and latte drinks.

If you want to take your coffee experience to the next level, this is your machine. It can make your coffee better than the coffee in good coffee-houses. And still, it’s easy to use and maintain. It’s perfect for your home, office, or even your small café.

Pre-Brewing process

You can feel the full aroma of coffee beans in every drink you make. In this machine, there’s a technology that injects a small amount of hot water right after the beans are ground and right before the brewing process begins to extract the best flavors from the grounds.

This is one of the Saeco machines which you can plug directly into the water source. There’s still a big 82-ounce removable water tank. If your machine is running out of the water, you’ll be able to read it on the screen.

Saeco Royal Professional Grinders

The grinders of this machine are even better than other Saeco machines. They’re still ceramic, which means they’re stronger and quieter. But the most important thing about these grinders is that they don’t overheat the beans while grinding, so you don’t waste any aroma before brewing—maybe the best coffee machine with grinder.

With Saeco Royal Professional, you can adjust the length, strength and temperature of your coffee drink. There are a lot of combinations available. This is useful if you like to satisfy your guests. You could even invite them to make their own coffee according to their own preferences

Rapid Stream technology

The Royal Professional is equipped with Rapid Stream technology so you can switch from brewing to steaming in no time. If your kids want to make a tea, they’ll do it easily with just the push of a button.

Internal Dragdrawer

After you brew your coffee, the machine deposits the ground coffee into this dragdrawer. When it gets full, you’ll be notified by your LCD display that you need to empty it. When this happens, you just have to remove it from the machine, empty the contents and put it back into the machine.

Something that most Saeco machines don’t have and the Royal Professional does is a bi-pass doser. You can put your already ground coffee into the machine and it’ll brew you a coffee drink with it. This is useful if you like to buy your coffee already ground, or you would like to skip the noisiest part of making a coffee.

The machine also has an Aqua Prima Filter, which guarantees better taste for your coffee, cappuccino, tea or whatever you make. It also gives your machine a longer life.

This is a great machine. It has many features, but will you really use them all? It’s also one of the most expensive ones. It’s also too big if you don’t have much space to store it. And it should be accessible from the back.


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