What Are The Probable Issues Faced By A Whipped Cream Dispenser And Its Solutions

Due to the numerous benefits of a whipped cream dispenser, people are shifting their choice from the traditional Whipped cream method to dispensers. Dispensers are easy to use and take less effort and time whereas to make whipped cream from the classic method you need time and have to take out equipment like a bowl, beater, and cream. To make whipped cream from a dispenser one only needs a dispenser and cream charger filled with nitrous oxide gas. Whipped cream dispensers are widely used across the world in restaurants and coffee shops.

But sometimes a whipped cream dispenser can show certain issues like manufacturing defects, leakage in cream chargers, or any other issues. Solve all the issues before using the dispenser to avoid any accident.

The most common issue faced by people: 

The most common issue when you make whipped cream from a whipped cream dispenser is that it is still runny. Whipped cream generally has a thick texture and without that texture whipped cream is just a simple cream. The more you shake the whipped cream dispenser the thicker will be the whipped cream. The whipped cream is often runny due to not shaking the dispenser properly. This issue can be resolved by shaking the can a few more times before using it.

The cream charger has a leakage:

A cream charger is a small steel cylinder filled with nitrous oxide to make whipped cream. Due to some manufacturing defects, there might be a hole in the charger that can lead to leakage of the gas. You can buy cream whipper dispensers and nitrous oxide N2O cream chargers bulb here, in case you need to replace or return the charger for manufacturing defects.

Clogged up nozzle:

The whipped cream inside the can comes out from the nozzle. The nozzle is attached to the lid of the dispenser. The nozzle can clog up due to not cleaning it properly after usage. Whipped cream can settle down on the nozzle and can probably clog it. To avoid clogging the nozzle, one should properly wash the nozzle.

A metallic smell is coming from the whipped cream

If you are using your whipped cream dispenser for the first time without washing it with soap then it may emit a metallic odor. Wash and rinse the can of the dispenser properly before using it for the first time to avoid that metallic whipped cream.

A regular whipped cream dispenser is prone to accidents if the issues are neglected. Leaking of the nitrous oxide gas of the cream charger should be informed as N2O gas is harmful to human health as it reduces the oxygen level in brain cells and blood. Maintain proper safety measures and examine the dispenser before every use to avoid any unfavorable circumstances. Major issues like the hole of cream charger or damaged tip and nozzle should be replaced immediately and minor issues such as a clogged up nozzle or metallic odor of the whipped cream can be solved only by following proper measures.

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