Five things authentic Mexican dishes must have!

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Who says one needs to be in Mexico to eat like Mexicans? Pure Dairy’s Mexican Shred Blend delivers 100% authentic Mexican flavour – for people who love Mexican cuisine. Mexican dishes are a popular culinary loved wide and across Australian cities.

It is safe to say people in Australia love to eat, and find joy in the diverse culinary option they have after heading out to mexican restaurant san diego ca and fast food chains. This divine freedom in food choice somewhat showcases Australia’s love for continental foods rooted in different traditions. One of the reasons that make Mexican dishes so appealing to Australian consumers is it reflects Mexican culture and ancient food art – in addition to the fact that they look great and taste amazing.

Food presentation is another fine art that is amply evident across Mexican dishes. It is appetizing enough to glance at Mexican cuisine, presented with a gamut of seasonings, toppings, peppers, cheese, and many other ingredients. These commonly used ingredients keep the dignity of Mexican dishes together at times when there are many imitations of Mexican foods in the market.

This does not mean you actually have to travel to Mexico in order to try authentic Mexican dishes. No, you don’t. With these ingredients, your dish becomes as Mexican as it can be; these are must-haves for the regular Mexican dishes you eat at restaurants as well.

Mexican Shredded Cheese

If you step out in the streets vlogging and capturing what people think about Mexican dishes in Australia, you can find many talking about Mexican cheese. In Australia, many people perceive Mexican cheese as a separate Mexican dish. Still, where would your favourite Mexican dishes like nachos, tacos, and burritos be without authentic Mexican shredded cheese? You can find a good collection of Mexican cheeses in Australia across grocery stores and cheese stores to add authentic Mexican flavour to your dishes.

Or, you can directly source authentic Mexican cheese – a blend of Mexican shredded cheese from Pure Dairy in Australia. Their Mexican shredded cheese blend is an exciting blend of Monterey Jack, Asadero, Queso Quesadilla, and Natural Cheddar. You can purchase bulk shredded cheese for your regular restaurant nachos, burritos, tacos, and others from Pure Dairy.

Authentic Mexican Spices

Can we separate authentic Mexican dishes and spices for just a day? Not really! There’s no fun in trying regular Mex dishes without spices; red hot chillies on them. They are a popular staple for Mexican dishes, and there are a variety of Mexican chillies to try.

Red chillies go into a lot of Mexican foods like soups, salsa, and marinade, among others. Chillies provide flavour and heat to Mexican recipes, but they are mostly used for their flavours. Chipotle, pasilla, Morita, and ancho are the commonly found Mexican chillies in Australia.

Beans; Black Turtle Beans & Pinto Beans

Beans go into plenty of Mexican recipes. Besides being a great choice for making salads, soups, and casseroles, they also go in tortillas. The unique flavour of beans balances the spicy flavour of hot chillies in Mexican dishes. They also add high nutritional value to Mexican dishes. Beans are also eaten as a separate dish. Black Turtle Beans and Pinto Beans are the two most popular beans for Mexican dishes.


For the longest time, corns have been an important part of Mexican dishes. The grainy portion in Mexican cuisine comes from corn. Your favourite tortilla chips are made from corn grains too. They also go into soups, atole (a traditional Mexican drink), and stews.


The use of fresh herbs is one of the reasons Mexican recipes appear so infectious to people with varying tastes in food. They provide a distinct order to Mexican dishes. Various herbs used in Mexican recipes are coriander (most common), epazote, and Mexican oregano. Coriander is very common in Australian recipes as well.

Epazote is a distinctive Mexican herb that forms part of traditional Mexican cooking for years. They have a strong acidic lemony flavour and are mostly used in preparing beans and tortillas in Australian dishes.

Other common ingredients for Mexican dishes are onions, avocado, Mexican chocolate, tomatoes, lime, Mexican cinnamon, garlic, and cumin.

Happy eating!

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