Visit Hooters: Things to Do in Weston, Florida

It is vital to remember that the community of Weston became popular in the nineties of the last century due to the numerous benefits you can enjoy while visiting. At the same time, the median income is three times higher than the average percentage across the US, meaning Weston became a synonym for exclusivity.

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However, it is also affordable compared to other Florida cities and municipalities. Suppose you wish to find a place to stay while avoiding the high number of tourists around you, then you should visit Weston and enjoy their numerous attractions.

The further article presents a few things you can enjoy when visiting Weston, Florida. Let us start from the beginning.

1.Peace Mound Park

If you are a nature lover, we recommend you visit Peace Mound Park, which features a well-maintained exercise trail, a scenic lake, and nearly ten acres of nature. That way, you can enjoy a morning walk and an afternoon with your family.

Apart from the trails and park, you will notice numerous historical plaques that will educate you on the Tequesta Native Americans who lived in the area. It is both fun and educational, so you should visit it as soon as you reach Weston. You can also find a kid’s playground, clean bathrooms, and a bridge across the stream.

Remember that the park is free to visit and open, meaning you can enjoy hot summer and spring days without additional hassle.

2.Bonaventure Country Club

If you are a golf fan, you can rest assured because Bonaventure Country Club is the best place for you. It features more than a thousand courses, meaning it is a place for golfers from the entire US. Besides, the Weston area features numerous options, from exclusive private courses to affordable municipal ones.

This one is an 18-hole course featuring palm-lined and wide fairways, a waterfall, and numerous landscapes that will meet your needs and requirements. You can find it at the Bonaventure Resort in Weston, enjoying additional features, including hundreds of rooms, a convention center, and a restaurant for all ages.

The popularity peaks during the fall and spring, meaning you should reserve the time spent on courses beforehand. That way, you can prevent potential issues from happening. You should click here to learn more about Weston, Florida.

3.Young Art Museum

Three decades ago, people founded the Young Art Museum to dedicate an entire area to the cornerstones of children’s development, which is vital to remember. It features numerous activities and explorations apart from the passivity found in another museum.

Therefore, you can enjoy employee-led programs and interactive exhibits touching painting, sculpture, and arts in general. If you wish to provide yourself and your loved one with the most memorable experience while in Florida, you should visit the Young Art Museum, which will educate, entertain, and engage all of you.

4.Color Me Mine

Suppose you wish to enjoy art-related activities. In that case, you should visit Color Me Mine, which features numerous options, including summer camps, field trips, birthday parties, and all, in the form of an artistic perspective. It is perfect for adults and children, which is vital to remember.

The idea is to channel your inner artist and find ways and free your creative being. You will get proper guidance and supplies in a pressure-free, festive, and exciting atmosphere. For instance, you can learn how to decorate ceramics such as vases, plates, and bowls. Finally, each participant will create a souvenir to take home as a reminder of the creative day or week.

5.Farmers Market

One of Weston, Florida’s most exciting areas is the farmer’s market, which operates all year round. Remember that the state of Florida is one of the largest producers of fresh veggies and fruits due to tropical and sub-tropical climates and plenty of sunny days.

Therefore, you should check out the colorful perspective of the farmer’s market. It is one of the biggest farmer’s markets in the country, with hundreds of individual vendors across thousands of square feet.

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The most popular days are Sundays and Saturdays when people from the close areas will come to highlight seasonal produce, body and health products, arts and crafts, and many more.

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