Draft Beer Installation: The Best Ideas You Should Employ

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Because it is self-contained, it may, for example, be installed in a beer fridge that stores many kegs. The other is stored at the ideal temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit in a walk-in cooler. The beer is dispensed via a tower or a faucet linked to a cooler box, depending on whether the cooler box is self-contained or a walk-in.

Simple to set up and perfect for budget-conscious companies and eateries, direct draw beer systems are a popular choice. There are less possibilities for problems to arise and the beer is more likely to stay at an appropriate temperature because of the shorter distance between the keg and the glass.

These systems may be bought with varying capacities, from a single industrial keg box to a large warehouse full of kegs, to best suit the needs of the company.

Bar owners, restaurant management and home brewers alike may all benefit from the Direct Draw system, which offers a beer distribution system that is ideal for delivering cold, fresh draught beer. Other businesses may find this method useful as well.

The pieces of a direct draw system, its operation, and its advantages will be discussed in the following sections. The system’s benefits will also be discussed.

To clarify, what does the phrase “Direct Draw Beer System” refer to?

Direct draw beer systems, a kind of draught beer system, are often used in bars and restaurants to serve beer from kegs. One to four beer taps could protrude from a big industrial kegerator box of this kind. Or Wall-mounted faucets provide easy access to ice-cold beer. Choosing the draft beer installer  service is essential here.

The various parts of the direct draw beer system include the refrigerator or cooler, the CO2 tank, the regulator, the beer line, the faucet or shank, and the keg coupler. There are also keg couplers and kegs included.

All the way to the tap, draught beer is kept at the ideal temperature and pressure thanks to the interplay of these parts.

One of the key advantages of a direct draw beer system is how simple it is to set up and maintain. It’s easy for a skilled expert to keep up or fix, and it doesn’t need any particular equipment.

In a busy commercial setting, the ability to reliably and quickly replenish stock of chilled beer is essential, and this system delivers.

There are a few distinct types of direct draw beer systems available.

Pubs and restaurants often use one of many distinct types of direct draw draught beer systems. Every standard draught beer system has its own set of benefits and features, thus choosing the right one for a given establishment is dependent on its own wants and needs. The three most common types of direct draw beer systems are as follows:

  1. Beer Dispensing Systems that Mount to the Wall
  2. Kegerators
  3. Assorted Concealed compartments for jockeys
  4. Beer Dispenser for the Wall

A direct draw system, sometimes known as a wall-mount beer system, is a fixture in a walk-in cooler. This unit is mounted on the inside of the refrigerator’s wall. It’s an efficient use of space, making it ideal for bars and other establishments on the smaller side.


A beer tower or wall-mounted tap may be used in this setup to dispense the brew. An integral aspect of this setup is a walk-in cooler or other kind of refrigeration device to provide a cool environment for the beer keg.

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