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How Cooking With Surinamese Marinades Becomes A Breeze

In the Surinamese kitchen we use a lot of marinades, for example think of Sate, Moksi Meti, Char Sui or of course Javanese chicken dish. In my pantry there are always a lot of different pots of marinade. Because I like to make it easy for myself during cooking, I use for different dishes a lot of Lufo Marinades. These super tasty marinades help me save a lot of time in the kitchen. The Javanese Chicken & Javanese Bami marinade is my personal favorite. Of course, it is a lot better when you marinate your meat in fresh vegetables and use your own marinade recipes – but let’s be honest: you don’t always have the time or desire to do that.

But why should you marinate your meat? What effect does that have on the taste of your food?

Surinamese Marinades Are An Ideal Seasoning

When we marinate meat, we ensure that the marinade taste is absorbed by the fibers of the meat. Marinades are therefore an ideal seasoning for, for example, chicken or beef.

In the Netherlands, marinades are mainly used in the summer when we bring out the barbecue again. Most marinades from Surinamese and Western cuisine consist of a base of oil or soy to which dry or fresh herbs are added. Often marinades also contain sugars – but you shouldn’t be put off by this. On the contrary: the sugar in the marinades allows the meat to caramelize.

When you use ready-made marinades like Lufo’s, you not only save a lot of time in the kitchen, you can also be sure that the herbs and ingredients in the marinade are adapted to the type of meat you use. The packaging often also contains recipes and instructions for use that will guide you through marinating without any problems. That way you can avoid using too much or too little marinade, which in turn can result in a strong or weak taste of your dish.

Is marinating meat necessary?

It is not necessary at all to marinate your meat, but it can affect the taste of your Surinamese dish. For example, certain curries are tastier with marinated meat.

In addition, a marinade can also make certain meat more tender because the moisture and spices from the marinade draw into the stiff fibers of the meat. 

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