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At some point, every knife becomes blunt. Even the cutting of high-quality blades wear off over time and need to be sharpened. With relatively freshly ground blades, a sharpening rod can provide a remedy over a certain period. However, with sharpening steel the cutting edge is not ground, but only a very fine Ridge is built, which again provides the necessary sharpness. Sooner or later, however, sharpening steel no longer uses anything. The blade must be sanded to regain its old sharpness. Until a few years ago, scissors grinders in some areas moved regularly from village to village and not only cut scissors, but also knives of all kinds for little money. However, since this profession is practically extinct, there are only two ways to sharpen the knives at home again. For experienced people, fine grinding stones are available in the trade, with the help of which a knife can be ground wonderfully again. However, hand grinding requires practice, skill, and patience. Electric knife sharpeners are simple and can also be applied to the layman without problems.

The most important criteria for a good electric knife sharpener is the correct sharpening angle and the Material of the grinding wheels.

A recommended electric knife sharpener is the Graef diamond knife sharpener CC 120. Through the three-stage grinding process, the cutting edge is carefully constructed with minimal material removal. The angle of 20 degrees is optimal for all household knives. A special angle guide ensures precise knife guidance.

The grinding angle

Knives for different applications usually also have a different grinding angle. The harder the operating conditions, the greater the angle of the cutting edges. Larger outdoor knives can thus have a cutting angle of 40 to 45 degrees. For a standard household knife, whether large or small, a cutting angle of around 20 degrees is optimal. With the current electric knife sharpeners, you can rely on the fact that the knives are ground with this angle.

With the electric knife sharpener from Zoomyo, grinding wheels made of stainless steel coated with diamond dust ensure good grinding results. The grinding is carried out in two stages with two different grinding wheel pairs for Coarse and fine sanding. Ceramic knives can also be ground with the electric knife sharpener from Zoomyo.

The material of the grinding wheels

Most certainly know grinding wheels from a so-called corundum ceramic. Corundum is the second hardest material after diamond and is ideal for grinding metals. Grinding wheels made of steel coated with diamonds are also widely used in electric knife sharpeners. This material combination is also used in the industry when a long service life with good performance is required.

Knives can also be ground in two stages with the Graef hybrid knife sharpener CC 80. The device has diamond blades for a 20-degree taper and is suitable for all smooth and serrated household, leisure and commercial knives. The fixed angle guide enables precise knife guidance.

The Andrew James knife sharpener works with a coarse step for pre-grinding and a fine step for fine grinding. The electric knife sharpener is suitable for knives made of steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Non-slip feet ensure a safe stand of the device.

Caution with Japanese cooking knives

If you like to use Japanese knives in the kitchen, you will appreciate the excellent sharpness and long cutting capacity of these knives. But even a Japanese knife has to be reground from time to time. However, an electric knife sharpener is not recommended. Many of the Japanese knives, unlike their European relatives, are only ground on one side. This means that the cutting edge of these knives has only been ground to one side of the blade. With an electric knife sharpener grinding on both sides, these blades become unusable in no time. For knives ground on one side, either a grindstone is recommended for grinding by Hand or you leave this work to a professional.

The Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener 09DX003 is an interesting combination device for the grinding of kitchen knives, hunting, and outdoor knives, pocket knives, scissors with Smooth and serrated. Even many tools such as axes, chisels, chisels can be easily reground with this electric knife sharpener.

Until a few years ago, Good electric shearers were found almost exclusively in the industrial and commercial sectors. The devices available at this time for domestic use usually did not bring good grinding results. However, this has changed fundamentally in the recent past. At least some of today’s available electric knife sharpeners for private households allow a perfect regrinding of knives of all kinds they are also easy to use by inexperienced users.

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