Why is the ‘right package’ important for American cheese slices?

At a glance:

  • Freshness and integrity of cheese slices are of paramount importance.
  • Cheese that leaks fat or water when heated is not desirable.
  • Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt cheese holds its shape across the board when baking or grilling.

When it comes to cheese, the freshness and integrity of products are of the utmost importance. So, a major challenge for cheese manufacturers is finding better ways to package cheese.

Vacuum packaging is one of the best methods, offering superior benefits compared to other types of packaging. With manufacturing requirements growing, vacuum packaging manufacturers have coupled automation with their already great sealing system to offer the best way to package American cheese slices. What exactly is the importance of the right package for cheese slices?

Why are Pure Diary Burger cheese slices so popular?

In terms of bulk purchases, what is most significant to you as a chef?

Cheese that leaks fat or water when heated is not desirable. To preserve the flavour of high-quality meat, additives are also a no-go. Further, incorrect packaging can spoil the cheese early, speaking volumes about the product.

Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt burger cheese slices understand your concerns and offer a cheese that helps obviate these common errors. We recognise the need for a product as good as any of our other cheese slices whilst delivering an affordable solution for our clients. A high melting point makes these thick burger cheese slices the perfect tool for crafting a delicious photogenic burger.

As a thicker cheese slice, Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt Burger cheese melts slowly and adds rich, creamy flavours to your burger. It plays a crucial role during the cooking and preparation process.

Importantly, American burger cheese slices boast an amazing taste, have long shelf lives, and, most significantly, are packaged properly. By using the proper packaging, Pure Diary minimises waste, offers ultimate protection, and maintains product integrity.

Benefits of the right packaging:

Buying cheese slices packaged correctly imparts myriad benefits.

Ultimate Protection:

Cheese must be protected from spoilage, but the ultimate protection is preserving its flavour, appearance, and freshness. This is what vacuum packaging will accomplish.

Extends Shelf Life:

When vacuum sealed, cheese can last from four to six months. Longer shelf life is an obvious advantage.

Visually Attractive:

Consumers can see the majority of product details in vacuum packaging. The actual product is often concealed by packagings, such as foil, containers, and other materials. The consumer can buy Burger cheese slices with confidence when the package is clear and sealed.

The integrity of the product:

Furthermore, a vacuum seal will prevent dust, pests, moisture, and other environmental contaminants from damaging the cheese.

Process quickly:

Cheese can be packaged and preserved quickly and efficiently using a vacuum cleaner.

Why choose Pure Diary Hi-Melt burger cheese for your next bulk purchase?

Australian renowned burger restaurants use Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt cheese, which melts consistently at high temperatures, thus giving your dish a tantalising and creamy taste. A semblance of subtlety to this cheese separates it from the great cheeses since it maintains the authentic flavour of the ground meat used in many burger dishes without overpowering it.

Whether it’s served fresh or cooked, Hi-Melt cheese slices can enhance the flavour of a wide variety of household favourites. For example, cold chicken sandwiches can benefit from their use as a primary ingredient to enhance flavour. Despite their popularity for melting, they remain a delicious slice of cheese, whether grilled or straight from the fridge.

Whereas regular cheese melts around 130°F, Hi-Melt cheese can withstand temperatures as high as 400°. In terms of baking or grilling, Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt cheese holds its shape across the board. With its varied and reliable applications, it is undoubtedly becoming a staple in the kitchen. You can save heaps of money by bulk purchasing cheese from Pure Dairy, the leading cheese supplier in the industry!

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