Why Do We Celebrate Birthdays With Cakes & Pastries?

A birthday isn’t over till the cake arrives. This is a tradition that we all have maintained. But, why? Is it only because people love cakes? Well, we should thank the Egyptians for the parties, Greeks for the candles and Germans for the cakes.

The invention of birthday cakes

The tradition of birthday celebration started from the Romans, but when it comes to the cakes, the credit goes straight to the Germans.The first cake for birthday was made in Germany during the Middle Ages. It was the Germans who followed the tradition of celebrating a child’s birthday with a cake. They used to call this special occasion as Kinderfest.

Traditional cakes used to be just a coarse that seem to dry like a bread. Later with advancements in recipes, sweeter versions of cakes were invented in the same country. Not only children but also adults, used to celebrate birthdays with a cake.

Modern celebration

Today children are prioritized more when it comes to modern birthday celebrations. To this day birthday celebrations are a lot modern when compared to the traditional period. However, the primary objective remains the same. The yearly occasion marks an interesting beginning for all of us and thus, the day makes us feel special. The anniversary is celebrated to memorize the major event when you came out from your mother’s womb. It is the perfect moment to give thanks and reflect the miraculous journey so far.

Modern-day cakes for birthday celebrations

Considering this new era of modernity, birthdays are celebrated through lots of new ways. However, a cake still remains the center of gravity. Well, the appearance, blending and overall making process has certainly changed to a huge extent. Modern cakes are far interesting, tastier and attractive when compared to the inception of cakes in Germany. There are different cakes available at the market and there are even some that are ordered only for the purpose of birthday celebrations.

As a rule of thumb, people should look for a renowned cake shop that brings the best desserts with bursts of flavors, designs, concepts and of course tastes. A creme brulee cake is one of the exceptions when we talk about new-age cakes. It is a type of dessert that is based on custard topped with layers of caramelized sugar.

Step into the nearest cake shop and get the best piece of treat whatever the occasion is. Fill your dream with pleasure as you do while enjoying the bite over your favourite dessert.

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