What is convection cooking? What Types of Convection Ovens are There?


What is convection cooking?

How does it work, and how does it actually benefit people? Is it worth it to switch to this unique way of cooking versus just using a traditional oven? These are some questions that many people ask themselves when they are thinking about using the methods of convection cooking, but for those that are looking for information on how this works and how it benefits, this article will prove to be a great insight on how convection cooking can benefit you.

Learning what is a convection oven and how a convection oven differs from a traditional electric oven will help you understand what some of the main benefits are to cooking with it. You know that electric ovens typically work in a way that involves plates and barbs heating up to a high temperature, which releases heat into the oven and cooks your foot at very high temperatures. Convection cooking basically works in a much different way, cooking your food through very fast passing air that hits the food and cooks it at a much cooler temperature.

So what types of convection ovens are there, and how are they used?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of convection ovens and how you can use them to make your cooking a huge success.

 The first convection oven to discuss is the microwave convection oven. These types of convection ovens are equipped with both microwave and convection oven features. These types of convection ovens cook food very fast because they heat the food and nothing else by passing air through the food. If you are in a big rush and need to heat food up in a hurry, then you will want to use the microwave convection oven to quickly heat your food up.

 Commercial convection ovens are the next type of convection ovens that there is to discuss. When it comes to convection cooking, this is another really good option for you to use. These ovens use a fan equipped inside of the oven to circulate the air that is in the oven already.

Now remember, we have talked about how convection cooking uses fans to cook food verses other typical means such as using heated barbs and other various methods. With this in mind, commercial convection ovens are a great option when it comes to cooking your food in a great way. These fans cook the food evenly with regulation of the temperature inside of the oven.

 There are also countertop convection ovens, which make it simple for you to cook meals on the go without having to deal with heating up a big oven and waiting for it to heat up properly. These countertop ovens are popular because of how people love to use them in their homes. The convenience of using these simply cannot be beaten, and they make for a great choice when someone is looking for a great small oven that they can use to cook their food in a great way.

 Electric convection ovens are the next option that you have if you are looking for some good options when it comes to different ways to incorporate convection cooking. Now, an electric convection oven is basically the traditional electric stovetop oven that we all have in our homes, and you might wonder how these appliances are known as convection ovens.

Basically, manufacturers have begun incorporating different techniques and ideas as ways to use the convection cooking features better, with better airflow in the ovens that pass through the food that you are cooking, giving it an overall better cook through.

 If electricity is not your preferred solution, there are also gas powered convection ovens. These ovens do similar to what their traditional electric counterparts do, with the exception that they do not work off of electricity, but gas instead. Gas powered appliances are widely known to be better at conserving energy costs, and so if you want to save money, then going the route of a gas powered convection oven may be the best option for you.

 We’ve talked about a lot of commonly known convection ovens, but one that you may not be familiar with for convection cooking would be an infrared convection oven. This may be an unfamiliar appliance to you, but it works very well. These are a brand new convection oven type that is being offered now that uses infrared technology to heat the food thoroughly.

The technology makes use of patented infrared technology to cook food up to 50% faster than other methods would, thus saving you a lot of time overall. There is also no smoke exhaust, which can be a big benefit to many people who worry about smoking up their house with a traditional convection oven.

 If you are looking for something more portable, there are also convection ovens that are made for convection cooking in a portable manner. These are small types of convection ovens that you can use in your home and are portable enough for you to take with you if you so wanted to do so. If you need an oven for a picnic, a camping trip, or something along those lines, this is the best route to go, and will ensure that you get a great cooking experience when you are out and want to cook the perfect meal.


There are many different methods when it comes to using convection as a method for cooking your food. No matter what your preference is, there is something for you, whether it is an electric oven, a gas powered oven, or an infrared oven. Portable ovens and toaster ovens provide a great way to cook small meals via a convectional means as well as giving folks the option of making it portable for camping trips, picnics, and more.

If you want to experience the absolute best methods for cooking, you will want to make an investment into one or more different convection ovens. Convection cooking truly is the best way to cook food and make sure that every meal tastes its absolute best!


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