What is a spiral freezer?

Spiral freezing machines have a compact structure, large application area, small area, large freezing capacity, energy-saving fast freezing equipment, and are currently used in domestic food processing enterprises and foreign products for frozen meat and other premium frozen products.

Spiral freezing systems use a revolving stainless steel or plastic belt conveyor mechanism to freeze all natural and cooked materials. We provide you with the freezing device that best suits your needs, based on the scale of your manufacturing plant.

We have a variety of small spiral freezing systems for a frozen food start-up. We offer pre-owned spiral freezing systems with a variety of belt widths and lengths, as well as a variety of alternatives, for higher-capacity frozen food processing. To find the right option for you, contact our sales team.

How to choose a suitable spiral freezing machine?

  1. Determine the type and quantity of frozen products.
  2. Determine the time required for rapid freezing;
  3. Select the refrigeration mode and equipment.
  4. Determine the base size.

The basic composition of the housing, refrigeration system, transmission parts, electronic control system, etc.

The main parameters to decide on are:

Reputation value (pasta), freezing time (min), average temperature on arrival, temperature of the dispatch center, average temperature in the warehouse, adjustable time range, cooling capacity (kw), electric power of the rapid freezing machine, defrosting method/cycle, external size and weight.

Utility of a spiral freezer

The spiral freezer line is one form of freezer that is very common with small business owners. Spiral freezers have the ability to freeze a significant amount of material at once while preserving the product’s consistency, texture, moisture, and flavor during the freezing period.

For effective system design, spiral freezers are normally equipped with a PLC-based control system. The new machine can be designed for freezers that handle a variety of food items, such as beef, poultry, and seafood, as well as ready meals, bakery, and dairy products. With a quick A-Tec spiral freezer update, there will be no more frost formation.

Top-class product with great features

Purchasing a spiral freezer, whether brand new or used, is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Both accuracy and longevity are critical considerations when making these transactions. When purchasing a used spiral freezer, make certain that the freezing mechanism has been well-maintained over time. How do you know if a freezing mechanism has been properly maintained?

That is where top brands like us become ideal. We will make certain that you get the high-quality device you need. We provide you with the best service and carefully monitor the freezer quality before delivering it to you. We’ll also offer you the advice and guidance you’ll need to keep the spiral freezer in top shape.

Comprehensive spiral freezer solution for your industry

We provide full solutions for all types of freezing needs for your company. Our spiral freezer can handle all operations without compromising durability. We guarantee that the system will remain in decent working order for many years. We will also give you advice on how to use your new spiral freezer.

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