What are the Best Meats and Appropriate Wood for Smoking the Meat?


The most vital part of making the smoked meat is the brining which not only adds flavour to the smoked meat but also keeps it from drying out in the process of smoking the meat. In addition to this, other essential aspects which most professional and experienced makers of delicious smoked meat such as Jarry Smoked Meat know which the appropriate piece of meat is to use for the best flavour in the smoked meat and which wood is the best for making the smoked meat delicious. Many people also use many types of cuts and meat to make smoked meat as well as use different types of smokers such as electric smokers, propane smokers, charcoal smokers, pellet smokers, but the wood is considered the best to make smoked meat in comparison to all other smokers.

As far as the best cuts and meats for smoked meat are concerned, the trick or method is to select the piece of meat which fits into the slow cooking process of making smoked meat. Sometimes people do not prefer marbling because of its plenty of fats and connective tissues. But, marble also gives marvellous flavour and delicious taste if you choose the right cut and take care of the finished product. However, the best cuts for perfect smoked meat is known to be the brisket for which the smoked meat got its name and fame. 

The reason behind choosing the brisket for smoked meat is because it goes well with the brining which is one of the most vital and essential processes of making smoked meat. You can also choose the cuts from ribs as well as pork shoulder that are considered best for smoked meat. In addition to this, people also prefer other meats like poultry, white meat, fish etc. to make the smoked meat. 

If you have decided to go for a wood smoker in order to make your smoked meat, it is now for you to determine which wood to use for smoking the meat. There are many options of wood for you to choose such as Applewood, alder, hickory, pecan, maple, mesquite, oak, Cherrywood etc. You can use the natural light and sweet flavour alder to cook the smoked meat particularly the fish, poultry and white meat. Similarly, the applewood is considered best for pork, poultry and fish, and hickory is appropriate for red meat particularly the ribs. If you choose a large piece of brisket, think using pecan or oak.


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