Turkish food and the list of popular and delicious food

Delicious Turkish food:

Turkish food is very diverse and delicious and some of the Turkeyُs dishes have gained more popularity . In this essay we are going to introduce them to you . we suggest you spend a great deal of time tasting delicious Turkish food when you are in cities like Istanbul , Antalya and Kusadasi. Throughout the long term, the market has been experiencing the trouble of picking the best barbecuing items between nexgrill vs weber among the flame broil darlings.

Here are some Turkish food  part 1 :

Kebab :

One of the most famous Turkish foods is kebab . this food also known as Turkish Kebab . Kebab and grilled meats also could be considered as being the national dish of Turkey . The quality of the meat in this kebab is usually pretty good . Turkish people usually serve this food with onions , peppers , salads , spice and a garlicky yogurt .As we mentioned kebab is one of Turkeyُs most popular dishes and also we can served it  with sandwiches .

Lahmacun :

Turkish food

Sometimes Lahmacun is called Turkish pizza because of its appearance . ingredients of this food are mince meat , chopped vegetables ,onions , tomato , parsley and spices like pepper , thyme , cinnamon and turmeric . However , you may encounter different types of Lahmacun in Turkey .

Pide :

Turkish food

Pide has many similarities to Lahmacun and maybe the main difference between this two is their appearances . In Turkey , when you order a Turkish pizza you have to specify you mean Lahacun or Pide , because both are known as Turkish pizza . But we can say that Pide is much like a modern pizza . to make pide , Turkish people make dough like a boat and fill the dough with cheese , vegetables and different types of meats . In Turkish restaurants Pide is served on special wooden dishes which make it more attractive .

Another Turkish food you may like part 2  :

Simit :

Simit is a popular food for breakfast or anytime you wants . Simit is a circular piece of bread that is usually topped with sesame seeds . For baking Simit you will need ingredients like flour , sugar, oil , salt , milk and yeast .

Dolma :

Turkish food

One of the most delicious food in Turkey that has a lot of fans is Dolma . This food is also popular in Greece and various parts of middle east . Turkish people stuff meat , vegetables , rice and spices in vine leaves and make a Dolma . But the ingredients inside Dolma can be very variable .

Borek :

Borek is one of Turkish dishes that serve as breakfast or snack . Borek has many different shapes and flavors . To make this food we will need dough . The dough is cut into the desired shape and stuffed with various ingredients such as mince meat , cheese and vegetables . Borek can be found at the majority of bakeries around the country , and you will also find dedicated Borek shop where the quality is notably better . To find wonderful taste of Borek you should eat it hot and fresh .

Turkish food part 3 :

Kumpir :

Kumpir is another Turkish dishes that made with potato . This food mostly considered as a snack or street food. Kumpir actually is belly potato that fill with variety of different ingredients such as corn , peas , lettuce , cucumber , black and green olives , sausages and different types of sauces . Kumpir is extremely delicious and tasty and it is very popular in Turkey .


:Manti has variety of shapes and sizes and of course it is very delicious and popular . Although this food often made with meat in Turkey  , but it is  also served eggplants and other types of meat such as chicken . The Turkish manti is very similar to the Italian Ravioli , but the difference is about yogurt . It means this food contains either beef or lamb and is boiled or fried and then serve with yogurt and a range of spices . this food is a traditional Turkish food and also a very popular Turkish food in India .

One of the fun thing to do is to try the local cuisine when you are traveling to different countries . Especially if you planning to travel to Turkey , be sure to try the local Turkish food . The above list gives you an insight into the types of Turkish food that you can find during your travel through Turkey .



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