Top Five Restaurants in the UK Associated with FavouriteTable  


FavouriteTable is one of the restaurant’s online aggregators and is working successfully since 2010. The online restaurant reservation platform provides services that the competitors might lack. The advantages of FavouriteTable over other aggregators attracts more and more restaurants to register their businesses with us. The subscription is paid, but it is for one time. Unlike other aggregators, FavouriteTable does not charge monthly. FavouriteTable is an intermediary and does not take control of payments. The restauranteurs have direct access to the amount they received from customers. Restaurants can maintain direct relationship with the customers.

Few restaurants that are connected with FavouriteTable and have been offering online orders facility are;

  1. Shampan (Welling)

Shampan (Welling) – Bromley, Kent (

Shampan is an Indian restaurant offering a wide range of Indian cuisine. The place has the warmth of the Indian subcontinent, with the diversity of colors in the ambiance. The richness of food will allure your taste buds; the spice range in different varieties is perfect for the U.K. residers. The site and the food are enough to make you book your flights for India. The restaurant is child-friendly, vegan friendly, and ready to host your party evenings.

  1. Mostro Pizza

Mostro Pizza – East Grinstead, West Sussex (

FavouriteTable is the aggregator that believes in food quality rather than the restaurant’s brand name. Mostro pizza is a pizza truck with the best authentic Italian pizzas. The restaurant gives transparency to the recipe and method of their Neapolitan pizza style, and the restaurant guarantees freshness and authenticity in flavor. Some premium wines accompany the pizzas. You can order your fresh Italian pizza at your doorstep today.

  1. Home SW15

HomeSW15 – Putney, South West London (

As the name indicates, home SW15 provides home-cooked food. The home’s delicacies can never be substantiated with the restaurant’s food, so FavouriteTable has something to offer that might resemble to taste of your mother’s food. Home SW15 is one of the growing businesses associated with FavouriteTable. If you are missing your home or the food, you must hit the online order button.

  1. Napura

Napura – Aldgate, City of London (

Portugal is a European country, and Portuguese cuisine is famous across the United Kingdom. Portuguese cuisine is based on meat and fish. If you love Portuguese or even do not know anything about Portuguese dishes, you should taste this exotic cuisine. It might make you fall in love with Portugal. You can order your Portuguese dishes at your doorstep.

  1. Haveli (Ponteland)

Haveli (Ponteland) – Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear (

Haveli, an Indian award-winning restaurant, has a lot to offer to the United Kingdom’s residents. The restaurant is associated with FavouriteTable and working hard to fetch customers to their table. Haveli is famous among the Indians who reside in the United Kingdom and for several whites. The restaurant has a fusion of traditional and modern Indian dishes.

FavouriteTable has been working with numerous restaurants like these near you. The orders are placed online, and the payments are received directly in the accounts of the restauranteurs. There is no hidden commission or any extra charges for the restaurants. FavouriteTable is accumulating different restaurants at their portal, providing various services to the customers. Different cuisines are inculcated in different restaurants. If you are looking for these restaurants’ online order services, you can find them on FavouriteTable’s portal.

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