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Birthdays give you a chance to create wonderful memories for your children as they grow up. However, despite all the fun, birthday parties can be a headache for parents, especially when choosing menus. You want to make something that the children will enjoy, but you also want to control the expenses by serving something healthy. Of course, with active kids walking about the house, you also want to avoid using silverware and broken plates, so everyone can enjoy a birthday cake. Organizing a children’s birthday party is indeed a challenging task for parents. Some people like to have an elaborate dinner or lunch party and some like to make a simple tea party by providing only cakes and snacks based on their budget. Most people want to party in the evening or in the afternoon if it is a weekend. Since their children’s party, many people stick to the vegetarian menu when there is a mixture of vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests. Be it a simple snack party or an elaborate dinner/lunch party, choosing cakes, planning menus, decorating the house/party hall and many will be difficult to arrange especially for beginners.

Tips for a successful party

When you host a birthday party, you should choose foods that most children can recognize. So if you make something new, many of them may not want to try it out. One thing you cannot do wrong is to have lots of sandwiches and other types of finger foods.

Kids will enjoy every bite using food coloring, shapes, napkins, and cupcake wrappers with the help of Ido Fishman Chef to carry their party theme.

You should not forget to check if any of your guests are allergic to food and avoid food that can cause issues, so everyone can have fun. It is best to avoid allergy-causing foods altogether, as some children who are not allowed such foods may find it inappropriate.

With the help of Ido Fishman Chef for Kids Birthday Party Snacks, you will be able to host a great experience for everyone using all these ideas.

  1. Mini Pizza: Choose Your Own Topping

Everyone loves pizza so mini pizzas are a safe bet for any child’s birthday party. Children can easily handle the small size of mini pizzas. What makes Mini Pizza a great pick is the variety of toppings you can use.

Give mini pizzas a great experience for children to choose the toppings they want. If you have enough space, you can let the kids make their own pizzas using a make-shift topping bar. Make sure you have all the most popular toppings such as cheese, pepperoni, ham, mozzarella, but also provide some alternative toppings such as pineapple, cherry tomatoes, or tuna.

Place the mini pizza in the oven for at least 15 to 20 minutes. While you wait for the pizza, enjoy a fun and quick activity to get the kids’ attention.

  1. Veggie Platters

Cut various vegetables into fun shapes and add to the taste are great tasting dishes. Your veggie platters will help all of your guests feel that healthy eating is both delicious and fun. Present your platters in a constructive way to reinforce the fun that comes with eating good food. For example, broccoli can be used to make fuzzy hair of a character, carrots can also have arms or legs or hair, olive eyes, and so on.

  1. Fairy Bread

What could be simpler than bread covered in colored sugar wrinkles? It can easily be cut into all types of shapes with cookie cutters to match your party theme.

  1. Chocolate Crackles

Chocolate crackles are the ultimate children’s party food. And, they are so easy to make.

  1. Jelly or Jello

Colored jelly can be layered with rainbow colors, whip, or tailor it to suit your party theme. And jelly should not be served in a cup or bowl – how fun these jelly oranges are!

  1. Popcorn

To make our princess popcorn, we sprinkled white chocolate on top of our popcorn corn and sprinkled it with colorful rainbow sprinkles. Pop it in the fridge to set, then serve.

  1. Cupcakes

A classic vanilla cupcake can be prepared in a myriad of ways with icing, sprinkles, lollies, or homemade cupcake toppers.

  1. Cookies

Another food that is so easy to a theme – cookies! For shaped cookies, I love the Kids Easy Cookie Cutter recipe, but in the interest of full disclosure, I handed these Cinderella slippers to a friend of a friend! They do not look very good.

  1. Sandwich Shaped

Whip a loaf of the sandwich with your favorite sandwich filler and then cut it into shapes with your favorite themed cookie cutter. Where were we before cookie cutters were invented? !!

  1. Sausage Rolls

A savory classic, these homemade sausage rolls are so much better than the store-bought version Mini sausage rolls are also healthy and mess-free, making them perfect for a children’s lunch party. If you have a lot of guests, you can make and freeze the uncooked rolls before the party.

  1. Enjoy Honey

 Dipped in honey, this sweet treat is heavenly and healthy too! This can make a great add-on to your children’s birthday party meal.

  1. Mini Pancakes

Children like to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So why not give them something at a party? Here is the recipe for party-sized pancakes with chocolate chips.

  1. Birthday Biscuits

Birthday cake is ideal. But birthday biscuits are exceptionally delicious!

  1. Fruit Made Fun

If you think your younger guests will enjoy more fruits than vegetables, then be sure to buy a lot. You can also make different dishes from fruits. For example, a minion banana, or an owl that is made up of various fruits. Or try making colorful fruit bowls. They look great and they are a real sweet treat.

  1. Fruit Wand

Fruit and marshmallow kebabs make a fantastic magic wand for fairies, magicians, and all kinds of magical creatures. Add a melon star (cut with a cookie cutter) to the end of your kebab stick for a great finish.

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