Irish Bacon and Lentil Soup Recipe

It is really an incredibly simple soup that tastes just awesome. It’s among individuals authentic Irish delicacies which can make all of your family people people happy. You’ll find this recipe within the Dublin restaurants. It’s one among the staple dishes within the Irish. Typically, it’s cooked for supper on St. Patrick’s Day. See this simple recipe here!


Diced Irish bacon – 1/2 pound

Two peeled and cubed large taters

Diced tomato vegetables with juice – 1 (15 ounce) can

Chicken stock – 1 cup or if needed

Pepper and salt a pinch each

2 cups finely sliced dark eco-friendly Savoy cabbage leaves


Place the bacon within the big, deep saucepan or stockpot. Prepare on medium to warm before the pieces are uniformly becomes golden brown. Drain out of your cholesterol.

Adding vegetables for example tomato vegetables, taters and chicken stock using the requirement to pay for the vegetables. Season this mix with pepper and salt. Allow it to boil then next, reduce heat and enable this mixture simmer for roughly twenty minutes before the taters becomes tender and soft.

Add cabbage because mixture and enable the soup to simmer for roughly a couple of momemts before serving it hot.

In case you believe it is difficult to acquire Irish back bacon, you can put it back with pancetta that tastes equally good. It’s a colorful dish because the eco-friendly cabbages and red tomato vegetables offers a contrast. You are able to Italian seasoning plus a handful of garlic clove clove clove which makes it taste quite different. Serve the completely new soup with mashed taters and parsley cream sauce to obtain the authentic Irish feel.

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