How To Make Scalloped Potatoes

These messy scalloped potatoes utilize very straightforward fixings and are not difficult to redo with your number one of cheese. The smooth cheddar sauce and the delicate potatoes in this exemplary French dish consolidate to make a delectably habit-forming experience. It’s an extraordinary side dish with a meal pork flank or meat tenderloin. Add a green serving of mixed greens and French bread, and you have tracked down the sorcery way to a man’s heart. To stay away from irregularities in your sauce, add the milk somewhat at a time as you mix the flour and spread. Investigation with various cheeses for assortment. 

Many individuals confound scalloped potatoes with scalloped potatoes, and for a little while, I did as well! The two of them comprise daintily, round-cut potatoes, prepared in a goulash dish. Also, both are very yummy! The thing that matters is that scalloped potatoes are customarily cut thicker and canvassed in a cream sauce, imbued with garlic and new spices. What’s more, au gratin potatoes are more slender, canvassed in a cheddar sauce, and afterward finished off with more cheddar or bread morsels before being heated. 

The most effective method to make Potatoes Au Gratin 

Preheat stove to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Spread a medium goulash dish. 

When making scalloped Potatoes, I like to utilize reddish-brown or Yukon gold potatoes, since they are higher in starch and hence ready to retain a greater amount of the sauce and they hold their shape well! 

The key is to cut your potatoes adequately slim to completely cook however not to feel that they self-destruct and become soft. I mean to cut my potatoes so they are ¼ inch thick. 

Stack the potatoes in little heaps and afterward stand them upstanding in your meal dish (rather than laying them level like a customary gratin). This is not difficult to do and makes this potato au gratin delightful! It adds both additional surface and flavor with the firm edges on the potatoes. 

Lastly, choose what sort of cheddar you need to utilize. Generally, Au Gratin Potatoes use Gruyere cheddar. It very well may be costly and difficult to come by. If I can discover it, I like to blend it in with cheddar. In any case, more often than not I utilize a mix of cheddar and Colby Jack. 

In a medium-size pot, soften margarine over medium warmth. Blend in the flour and salt, and mix continually with a rush briefly. Mix in milk. Cook until the blend has thickened. Mix in cheddar at the same time, and keep mixing until softened, around 30 to 60 seconds. Pour cheddar over the potatoes, and cover the dish with aluminum foil. 

Prepare these Potatoes scalloped for around an hour and a half.

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