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What Makes Gluten Free Cakes In Singapore Different From Ordinary Cakes?

Many sweet people have a great affinity for cakes. It is probably one of their guilty pleasures, from chocolate moose cakes to red velvet cakes. But did you know you can indulge in cakes without being too guilty? It is through gluten cakes you can order from a gluten free bakery in Singapore.

Here are the things that set gluten free cakes in Singapore apart from ordinary cakes:

1. Gluten-free!

The name explains it all; gluten-free cakes are cakes without gluten! But what is gluten? Gluten is a type of protein abundant in wheat. Wheat, in the form of flour, is used widely in baking cakes.

Some people have gluten intolerance, meaning they experience digestive issues after eating gluten. Gluten-free cakes don’t use ingredients with gluten; hence, they are safe for people with gluten intolerance! You can order gluten-free cakes from a keto food delivery in Singapore.

2. It tastes different

Most gluten-free cakes use non-wheat-based flour, such as white rice flour and tapioca flour. For this reason, gluten-free cakes add unique flavours to ordinary cake flavours, but it does not mean they taste worse. It sometimes enhances the flavour!

For example, a chocolate cake with teff flour instead of wheat or all-purpose flour tastes sweet and malty. You can be the tasting judge by ordering a gluten-free cake at a keto restaurant in Singapore.

3. It can be gummy

When it comes to texture, you will notice the difference between ordinary cakes and gluten free cakes in Singapore. While the former is fluffy, the latter can be a bit gummy. It all depends on the flour used. If the gluten-free cake used rice flour or tapioca flour, it would have a gummy texture.

4. It is healthier

Gluten-free cakes are healthier options for people with Celiac disease, Lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis because they don’t contain gluten.

However, the sugar levels of gluten-free cakes may be the same as ordinary cakes, so people with diabetes still need to be careful.

It is time for you to try out gluten free cakes in Singapore.

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