Everything you need to know about steak

Who doesn’t love steak? If you are someone who doesn’t love steak, then this article is definitely not for you. But my friend, if you love steak, then welcome to the club. Steak is the beautiful, big slab of steak. While some consider this as a luxury, steak is easily available in the market.

Steaks found in steakhouses such as that of Rib N Reef steakhouse and cooked at home undoubtedly are the best ones. Whether you are purchasing one in the market or getting one for your house, know that all of it is delicious. Before proceeding, you should know what a steak is.

What is a steak?

A steak is a slab or slice of meat freshly obtained from the carcass of a beef. While steak is made from the meat of other meats as well, for now let us just focus on the beef steak. If you are thinking that only meat appears like a steak, you’re wrong. Even vegetables are available on the market which look very much like a steak. But, pork chops available in the market also look like steak.

Beef steaks are nothing but cross across the muscle fiber. Often the steak may or may not contain the bone. Well, this entirely depends on how you like your steak.

Where is steak obtained from?

Steak is often obtained from the three major areas of a crow. They are often taken from the muscular area of the cow, usually the short loin, tenderloin, and ribs. The steak obtained from this area is usually juicy but needs to be cooked thoroughly. These muscles are made of a lot of connective tissues which is why they take time to break down.

The steaks have tender cuts than other beef cuts. These often are brown on the outside and can be thoroughly from the inside. While the outer part needs to be charred, the inner one can be eaten as much as you like. Steaks are filled with marbling, which if cooked properly can prove to be extremely tasty.

Why are steaks expensive?

One necessary thing to note is that steak is expensive as compared to other beef meat as well. Based on the size of meat, the premium cuts of meat are sold in the market. This eventually leads to understand why they are so expensive.

Beef steaks are expensive so you should understand how to purchase them. Always go for the flavour you like the most. Also, if you have an idea about the beef cuts you can purchase them better.

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