Buy the Correct Grinder Type to Taste Aromatic and Flavorful Coffee in Every Sip

If you’re a coffee-lover, then I can understand that craving during mid-day, but unable to get one from the market. Ordering online is quite easy, but then you’ll have to wait for at least half an hour for the coffee to be delivered. Will it not be good to make your own coffee instead of adjusting to the nearby coffee shop? Preparing coffee at home will also give you a chance of adjusting the flavors, sweetness, and cream in it, and above all, you can brew anytime.

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So, what do you need to make coffee? Well, of course, coffee beans, milk (optional), sugar, and the most important thing, a grinder. The question is that which coffee grinder will be good? When you go out to shop or check online to order one, you find various options available. With so many unique features you get confused.

Just follow these few guidelines and it will be helpful. Basically, there are two types of grinders available in the market –

  • Blade grinder
  • Burr grinder


Burr grinders help in grinding uniformly as you can set the size. They’re better than blade grinder as their blades are meant for espresso, which is quite common among Americans. They preserve aroma and flavor since heat transfer is reduced in the burr grinder.


On the other hand, blade grinders are cheaper and more compact than burr grinders. The grind size depends on how long you will grind. However, the biggest disadvantage of a blade grinder is that you can neither adjust the grind size nor the uniformity. Even if you grind fresh coffee beans, you’ll not get uniformity. They will have various sizes from extra fine till thick grains. Moreover, during the grinding process, blades can overheat which will finally cause the beans to lose their aroma and flavor and become bitter.

Thus, people nowadays switch to burr grinders, instead of blade grinders. It is electric and you just need to fill the grinder with coffee beans and adjust the size. Rest is done by the machine.

Now that you’ve decided to get a burr grinder, then here are few things to consider –

  • The amount of coffee that you’ll grind in a day will determine the size of the grinder. Often people grind fresh every time they want to take a sip, for them, a small size is perfect, but those who grind a good amount for many days would need a large size. (If you don’t store grind coffee beans in a vacuum jar, it can change color and taste bitter.)
  • Buy a coffee grinder that fits on the shelf, otherwise, you’ll have to keep it in a different area which is quite far from your reach.
  • If you want your machine to work quietly without disturbing your sleeping toddler, then go for top quality grinders. Otherwise, if you stay alone and have no issue with a little noise for short time, then any grinder is suitable for you.

Buy a coffee grinder that fits on the shelf, otherwise, you’ll have to keep it in a different area which is quite far from your reach. If you’re looking for the perfect coffee grinder, The Brew Therapy has a myriad of models ready to cater to every taste.

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