11 Winning Wine and Food Pairings

There is nothing as great as pairing your wine with a hearty meal. The enjoyment of wine and food can be improved by the people you share with.

With food and wine pairing, it would be best to think of this as more of an art. And for the start, you can begin with the following pairings that food experts at Milwalky Trace suggest:

  1. Pinot Grigio and Seafood

Seafood dishes have delicate flavors. You might want to use a complex wine to overpower them. Apparently, Pinot Grigio is a perfect match for many seafood dishes as it is subtle in flavor. The wine enhances the dishes and lets seafood shine on the plate.

  1. Anything Salty and Champagne

Most dry sparkling wines, like Spanish cava and Champagne, have a little touch of fruit sweetness. That makes them more refreshing, especially when accompanied by salty dishes. They cut through the oil and richness of fried dishes like potato chips.

  1. Goat Cheese Omelets and Sauvignon Blanc

With its citrusy flavors, aromas, mineral-driven, and leap-out-of-the-glass grassy, sauvignon blanc is great with light fares, such as goat cheese omelets. It can also be great with fried vegetables accompanied with some lemon garlic pawns.

  1. Italian Wine and Tomatoes

You won’t go wrong if you pair Italian red wine with tomato-heavy dishes. The acidity that comes with Italian wine beautifully interacts with tomato’s acidity. Sangiovese can be a great pair if you are eating homemade vegan pizzas. Check https://somm.us/sommelier-certification-101/ to understand wine certifications. 

  1. Dessert and Any Sweet Wines

Usually, dessert wines fortified with grapes and other spirits are a category of sweet wines. They may include Hungarian Tokay Aszu, Vin Sano, and Sherry. You can pair these with pungent cheeses, cured meats, baked desserts, and fruits and nuts.

  1. Salmon and Chardonnay

 Basically, Chardonnay is a perfect wine to pair with Salmon. A medium-bodied and dry Chardonnay pairs well with lighter meats, including fish as well as other seafood.

  1. Vinho Verde and Oysters de Tabasco

Spicy and warm oysters go well with the refreshing and surprising taste of Vinho Verde. This wine is incredibly drinkable as it is lightly sparkling and juicy.

  1. Meaty Pizzas and Tannic Wines

Every red wine has tannins. And like acidity, some may have a low level of tannins, while others can have a higher level. Usually, tannic wines go well with meaty dishes, including meat-topped pizzas.

  1. Sauce Aroma Baijiu and any Red or White Wines

A fresh note of this sauce manifests at first. The aroma is often a multi-layer of fine notes of grains, plants, and fruits, combined with yeast and floral notes. The sauce pairs well with any white or red wines.

  1. Buffalo Chicken Wings and Lightly Sweet Wines

Buffalo chicken wings are ubiquitous as they make a food group by themselves. They pair perfectly well with lightly sweet wines, like Riesling.

  1. Pasta and Dry Wines

Pasta and dry wine is a classic combination, which has been there for years. Whether you prefer spaghetti with a mussel sauce or ship with a mussel in tomato, you will need a dry wine, like Posip.

The Takeaway!

Pairing by weight is the basis for eating food and wine. Like humans, wine comes in every dimension. And in order to match wines with food, it would be best to know where they match in the spectrum.

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