Open Mics

Tuesday Nights – Melodies Open Mic – FREE!

Running every Tuesday from 7pm-10pm, our classic “acoustic-style” Open Mic provides a place for budding musicians to get out of the bedroom and get onto the stage for the first time!

Hosted by a Philly folk scene mainstay, Mike Shax, we have come up with what we think is a great way to provide a quality night for all involved:

**Everyone signs up either online or in person before the show starts. If you sign up online, you’ll need to send us an e-mail on the same Tuesday that you’re coming to play.**

Shoot a line to with the following information:

1) Name of artist/band
2) Type of performance (singer songwriter/poetry/a capella)
3) Instrumentation (if applicable)
4) Whether or not artist will be performing to pre-recorded track.
5) Preference of beginning/end of night (if applicable)

 All of the performers will be – metaphorically speaking – thrown into a hat and selected to perform at random throughout the night. You’ll get two songs or ten minutes – whichever comes first – and If we get a large number of names (which we often do), we might not get to everyone, but those that don’t get to play will be given preference for next week. If you sign up to play and then are a no-notice/no-show, you won’t be able to play the following week. Sorry, but that’s just rude!

We do insist that if you’re reading poetry, or playing along to a track, that you get a shorter slot. We give preference to live musicians since we are a live music venue, after all! If you’re play along with a track, give some consideration toward asking a musician in the room to play along with you – most of the time, someone will be happy to accompany you.

Also: we do not back line any drums or amps and we don’t have a CD player to play your track. We’ve got a PA, some mics, and DI’s for you to plug your instrument into, but that’s it. If you have a track to play along with, you should bring it on an iPod.

Please feel encouraged to join our Melodies Open Mic FB Page here.

Monday Nights – Jazz Open Mic Jam – FREE!

Our Jazz Open Mic is hosted every Monday night by legendary Philly keyboardist, Mike Frank.

Starting at 7pm every Monday, this open jazz jam has been at this location every week since MilkBoy Coffee opened in 2006 and It’s without a doubt our most consistently impressive night of the week. Whether you’re a singer, drummer, or trombonist, come on down, sign up on the list and share the stage with some of Philadelphia’s best musicians! Don’t be bashful – these guys can play with everyone!

Even if you’re not a musician, but are looking to have a great end to your Monday, this is the place to be! Bring a bottle of wine (we’re always BYOB), order a couple of paninis, and enjoy the tunes!